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March GMO free Europe without genetic engineering Εκτύπωση Αποστολή με e-mail
Platform 'GMO-free Regions and Countries' , Παρασκευή, 24 Μάρτιος 2006

March GMO free Europe without genetic engineering

Vienna 5th April 2006

The March
The day of the March for a 'GMO-free Europe' is the 5th April 2006, as on this particular day the EU-conference will be formally opened by European Agriculture Commissioner Mari-ann Fischer-Boel and Austrian Federal Minister of the Agriculture Council Josef Proell. The participants arriving from different regions of Europe will meet at 8.00 a.m. at 'Praterstern' in Vienna, a place located in the immediate vicinity of the conference venue, which can be reached by subway, tram or by bus.

From Praterstern we will march along Aussstellungsstraίe towards the Vienna Congress and Exhibition Centre. A scaffold will be erected directly in front of the Congress Centre, where from 9.00 a.m. speeches by representatives of GMO-free regions as well as of organisations fighting against the use of genetically modified organisms will be held. A multilingual moderation and translation will be provided. A cultural and musical programme including cabaret will warm our hearts, while organic farmers will supply us with GMO-free organic-farming products. We will address the participants of the conference and the European media.

Travel arrangements
Travel arrangements will have to be organised by the delegations from the regions and organisations individually. We will provide you with information on cheap accommodation facilities, on how to get to the site and with a set of useful contacts.

Meeting point: 5th April 2006,
8.00 Uhr, Wien Praterstern (Wien Nord)
9.00 Uhr, Congress Center (Ausstellungsstraίe)

Support and organisation
The Conference is organised by the platform 'GMO-free regions and countries' already including Agrarbuendnis, Al-Naturkost, ARGE gentechnikfreie Regionen Kaernten, ARGE Schuepfungsver-antwortung, AerztInnen fur eine gesunde, Attac, Austrian Biologist Association, Austrian Green Farmers Association, Bio Alpe Adria, Bioernte Austria, Evangelical Church A.B., FIAN, Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt, Gentechnikfreies Vulkanland, GLOBAL 2000/ FoE Austria, Greenpeace, Die Gruenen Oesterreich, Initiative G7, Klimabόndnis Φsterreich, Naturschutzbund Austria, Oko-buero, OBV-Via Campesina Austria, Oesterreichischer Demeter-bund, Permakultur Austria, PermaNetzwerk, SPΦ-Bauern, Slow Food Oesterreich, Steirisches Aktionsbόndnis gegen Gentechnik, Umweltbeauftragte der katholischen Kirche Oesterreichs, Verein Pro Landwirtschaft, WWOOF Austria and others.

Public invitation to protest and registration
We welcome, each and everyone among citizens who care for the environment, farmers, representatives of GMO-free Regions, non-governmental organisations, ecclesiastical institutions, companies selling GMO-free food, all people opposing the use of GMO-products in agriculture and feeding stuffs industry, to take part in this action and to support it.

You are kindly requested to let us know whether all representatives from your region or organisation will be present in the march and if you are planning to contribute a speech or some cultural event to the programme. We furthermore ask you to inform us about the contact person for means of organisation.

Please contact
Michael Johann, Platform: 'GMO-free Regions and Countries'
9173 St. Margareten im Rosental, Oberdφrfl 9, Austria
Mobile number: +43(0)664 266 85 48,
Up-to-date Information: http://www.gmofree-europe.org
for a Meeting point Praterstern Wien Nord Congress Center

March for a GMO-free Europe

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